North BrightRidge, Nuju, 1557
"Hearty travellers will find a rugged beauty among the windswept hills and crisp air of BrightRidge"Nikemus Noos, BrightRidge, Nuju, 1350

Open World Wilderness

Relax and enter BrightRidge - a virtual safari for iPhone, Android, Mac and PC. Explore a world where violence is optional and exploration is the key. Experience total freedom as you run, swim and even fly anywhere in a large 3d world, unlocking new abilities and learning the legends and lore of BrightRidge. Discover BrightRidge and its beautiful forests, raging rivers and mountain peaks.

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Open world wilderness adventure
Spirited adventure in the icy mountains
In development
Sun-soaked coasts and deep blue ocean
In development
A special project for true Nimian fans
In development
My name is Rob and I'm a solo indie game developer who loves creating worlds and sharing them. My focus is on exploration, nature, and building hand-crafted Open Worlds and stories from my heart. If you would like to support me and see more games and worlds, please spread the word about Nimian Legends, leave a review, or pick up a copy of BrightRidge. Every bit helps.