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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is very simple.

Protopop Games does not collect or store your personal information.

There is a billing party involved when you buy one of our games, and Google and Apple may collect personal information to make the purchase possible.

If you leave  a review (and please do, we love them) on the Google Play store or the Apple App Store,  Google and Apple may collect personal information to connect the review to the reviewer's acount. We're able to read the reviews you leave, as well as see your user name if you use one.

Additionally, both companies may collect user- or device-related data when you buy our games. We can see some of this information, for example, the types of devcies that our games have been purchased for.

We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time. If we do, we will  post the new Privacy Policy on this page.

Last Updated: September 30 2018


Open world wilderness adventure
Spirited adventure in the icy mountains
In development
Sun-soaked coasts and deep blue ocean
In development
A special project for true Nimian fans
In development
My name is Rob and I'm a solo indie game developer who loves creating worlds and sharing them. My focus is on exploration, nature, and building hand-crafted Open Worlds and stories from my heart. If you would like to support me and see more games and worlds, please spread the word about Nimian Legends, leave a review, or pick up a copy of BrightRidge. Every bit helps.