Coastalina Sea, Idrita, 1585
"The saphire oceans off this sun-soaked northern jewel house creatures large as castles - tread carefully in its deep waters"Isaac Misterex, Residi Bay, Idrita, 1353

Into the Deep

For too long slavery has been the economic backbone of The Olde Empyre - the signing of the Treaty of Zea seeks to wash away its dark history. But even as the ambassodaors arrive from far and wide, and dark mind plots to put an end to change...

Open world wilderness adventure
Spirited adventure in the icy mountains
In development
Sun-soaked coasts and deep blue ocean
In development
A special project for true Nimian fans
In development
My name is Rob and I'm a solo indie game developer who loves creating worlds and sharing them. My focus is on exploration, nature, and building hand-crafted Open Worlds and stories from my heart. If you would like to support me and see more games and worlds, please spread the word about Nimian Legends, leave a review, or pick up a copy of BrightRidge. Every bit helps.