Some among us know the truth - our world spans more than a handful of kingdoms. Ril is an entire planet, ripe for exploration, with cultures and creatures as different as they are unique."Nikemus Noos, Holloes, Nation of Savar, 1320

Procedural HTML5 RPG

Nimian Legends Empires is a procedurally generated Role Playing Game. It's a great way to explore the continents of Nimian Legends, its people, places, creatures and dungeons. Learn more about the citizens, adventure into the wilds, battle beasts and level up. The game generates relationshsips, quests, and even the names of most places from scratch.

Open world wilderness adventure
Spirited adventure in the icy mountains
Procedurally gnerated wildereness
My name is Rob and I'm a solo indie game developer who loves creating worlds and sharing them. My focus is on exploration, nature, and building hand-crafted Open Worlds and stories from my heart. If you would like to support me and see more games and worlds, please spread the word about Nimian Legends, leave a review, or pick up a copy of BrightRidge. Every bit helps.